Her antics are crazy, her personality is nutty, and her homemade cookies are divine.

Susan would always bring love to family and friends in the form of cookies, and they were always gobbled up in seconds. Whether they were on the kitchen table or the dessert table, they were the first to go. When people told her that she had the best cookies ever, she would simply laugh.

“Why not start my own cookie company?” Susan wondered. After weeks and hundreds of names for Susan’s new cookie conglomerate, there was an epiphany. At a family gathering, cousin Peter asked:

“Who made the cookies?”
“Susan did!”
“Crazy Susan?”

Of course! Crazy Susan’s Cookie Company!

With love and support from family and friends, Crazy Susan’s Cookie Company opened her first retail location in Ocean City, New Jersey in July of 2006. Upon opening, Susan dedicated her store to her cousin, Joy, who inspired Susan to follow her dreams.

Welcome to Crazy Susan’s dream company and dreamy cookies!